Home Sports Real Madrid’s surprise option to replace Carvajal

Real Madrid’s surprise option to replace Carvajal

Real Madrid's surprise option to replace Carvajal

Real Madrid are paying attention to possible future needs in their squad and one of the positions that appears to require a long-term renewal is right-back. With Dani Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez both in their 30s, the Whites club has set its sights on Sevilla’s young talent Juanlu Sánchez.

Real Madrid leaders see Juanlu as a player with the potential to be Carvajal’s successor at right-back. However, according to Estadio Deportivo, they are not prepared to rush his signing and want negotiations to take place on their terms.

Juanlu Sánchez, new right-back option for Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s strategy is to keep Carvajal and Vázquez in the right-back position for next season and leave the assessment of the situation for later. By the summer of 2025, Juanlu’s contract with Sevilla would only have one year left, which could make it easier to negotiate a transfer at a cheaper price.

Currently, Juanlu’s release clause is 15 million euros, but could rise to 20 million if he plays three more games for Sevilla. Nevertheless, the Andalusian team seems to be taking a calm view of the situation, allowing Real Madrid to adopt a patient attitude and wait for the right moment to move forward with talks.

In conclusion, Real Madrid’s interest in Juanlu Sánchez is obvious, but the white club is willing to wait for the right moment to negotiate an agreement that benefits both parties. Meanwhile, the young right-back continues to stand out at Sevilla, showing the talent that has put him in the sights of one of the world’s most important clubs.

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