Real Madrid’s last try for Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé’s future remains uncertain. While PSG are showing signs of desperation by changing their strategies for a contract extension with the player, Real Madrid are staying on the sidelines and monitoring the situation. However, The Spanish team I could make one last try offered the Parisian club 120 million euros for the transfer before the market closed of the striker according to “Bild”.


There are 10 days left until the market closes and Mbappé’s future is still linked to PSG. He still has one year left on his contract and he wants to fulfill it. You don’t give up the money that needs to be paid to you To sign his club for the remainder of the season, which amounts to more than €150m and be free to sign for the team he wants in the summer of 2024. Everything indicates that his destiny will be Real Madrid, who have been flirting with him unsuccessfully for six years against the opposition of his club.

For the Paris club, the situation has become more complicatedwho tries everything not to leave. Used any means to scare the player From his President Al-Khelaifi’s already mythical phrase that he “will not leave PSG, and certainly not for nothing”, to being removed from the team by labeling him “undesirable”, to blaming the situation, to piss off the fans and even the fans blame Real Madrid for the disagreements with their player. The golden cage the footballer is locked in starts to drop the bars and he doesn’t know how to shield it again.


His last solution, which he tries to avoid, is selling. That’s why she rated the fee at 220 million tons one year from the end of the contract. Real Madrid don’t want to be there after last year’s injury for the attacks he received after his offers (180 and 200 million) to which he never received an answer. Now be quiet and wait patiently for the new contacts between the club and the player who speak of a renewal.

Mbappé was warned If he extends, Real Madrid will close his door final and will focus on other goals. He will cut ties and Mbappé knows it. If his desire is to defend the Madrid shirt, he has no choice but to stand firm and not extend. The average tenure would be for PSG to derive economic benefit from their exit, with Real Madrid capping at 120mor that the player waive part of the money he has to pay him for the remainder of the contract season.

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