Real Madrid’s 2 low-cost alternatives after Mbappé’s

Real Madrid could not close the subscription of Kylian Mbappé, one of the players who wanted Ancelotti and Florentine Perez at the Santiago Bernabeu. For now, it will not be possible to have the French striker, who is still in the PSG at least one more season. On the face of it, the white box looks for options.

And is that the offensive of the ‘The White House‘need new air, a new partner to Karim Benzema. From sports management, they counted on the arrival of the top scorer of the Parisian team, but now they will have to explore the market again and there are already two low-cost alternatives that could be interesting.

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Remember that for Carlo Ancelotti it is important to add men in attack and they could look for players with similar characteristics to Mbappé for Real Madrid. Although the tactical scheme of the merengue team has only one center forward, a player who moves well across the attacking front is vital.

That’s how the names of Anthony Martial and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arrived. Both players are low-cost options and due to their experience can add a lot to the Italian coach’s project. The two can fulfill roles both at the center of the offense and at the extremes.

In the case of the French Manchester United, his continuity was very complicated with the arrival of Jadon Sancho. The Gabonese is not at his best at Arsenal, so he asked his agents for an immediate change of scenery. The first could be borrowed, which would be very comfortable for meringues.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, in turn, is an important option, as his dream has always been to reach Real Madrid. That’s why your subscription would be affordable, being 20 million euros, an amount that could be included in the white box budget. We will have to wait then what can happen with the signings ahead of the Bernabéu team.

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Ancelotti new coach of Real Madrid established one of its claims by signing the Kylian Mabappé as the dream of all meringues fans. The French tip is the alternative that managers have been using in recent weeks, encountering technical problems reflected in the pressure of PSG with a much better offer.

The motivation of this constellation of stars is made from the bank account, and in this the sheikh who owns the French club seems to be the big advantage. Therefore, the balance had to be skewed in reviewing a new case, which, like that of Lautaro Martinez It’s what makes the most crumbs. A subject that is no secret for anyone and even less for fans.

Comparing options with needs is a specific fact. Lautaro not only comes from being the Copa América champion with Argentina in Brazil, but his most recent antecedent is the top scorer of the Italian Serie A champion. A football player who can give him the reference in attack that Benzema needs to continue his goal-scoring legacy.

In addition, he is a much cheaper football player in the end, as his pass costs 80 million euros which can be reduced if they discuss one or another player that interests the neroazzurro. The situation, in fact, was notified and accepted as expected, as the Barcelona issue must be completed that as a child ‘Laucha’s dream was to dress in white.

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