Real Madrid will offer PSG 120 million for the signing of Mbappé in January

Kylian Mbappé will go down in history as the highest paid player of all time, that is if he PSG manages to convince him to accept the renewal. This has been made known by a media, which has revealed the conditions that the sheikh owner of the French club has put on his hands. They are scandalous figures that often hurt susceptibilities.

Nothing more and nothing less than 50 million euros clean per season, a margin that would put him on top of figures like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. The Gallic star should begin to consider this fact, since from the economic point of view it is far ahead of what at some point the Real Madrid.

At the time they discarded the 200 million euros for the payment of the extreme. The idea remains to correspond to the final plan to stay with the Champions League title, and that is only achieved with great players. They not only have the best forward on the planet, but they want to consolidate it. Mbappé would thus become the highest paid in the world, with those 50 kilos without fixed discounts.

There is no rival that reaches that value, much less close. They do it because they have the fortune at the disposal of the owner of the team, who among other things wants to eliminate the figure of the greats in the market against him. This has certain conditions, such as raising the clause by 100 million, and including release systems.

Considering the protagonist’s desire for wanting to go elsewhere, they have decided to skew the agreement and close it for no more than 3 years. Mbappé anyway wants to go to a more competitive league and the figure of Real Madrid is the most striking. Among other things because he has a pending debt since Cristiano Ronaldo was part of the merengue club.

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For those of the Spanish capital it was enough and they believe that this chance has escaped. In such a way that other footballers are already beginning to value such as Erling Haaland, who with about 12 million they will take him. A dense topic that covers a large part of the current concerns in the two entities.

The moment that Kylian Mbappé lives in his team is not easy PSGWell, beyond the goals, the criticism and the boos have been present in his fans. All this about the possibility of going to the Real Madrid, less when you are putting together a team to win absolutely everything.

The words of the protagonist and the desire to start the team have been his sentence, who has calmed down only when he scored the third in today’s win tonight. Before him Clermont he converted at the exit of the rival goalkeeper the third of the night, and has rendered at a very even level. Until that moment it rained down everything on his humanity, with insults and much more.

The goal was not only a balm in the game, although it was very calm to tell the truth, it was for the protagonist who felt overwhelmed during the 90 minutes. He calmly entered the area gaining speed, he eluded the goalkeeper and with his left leg he defined at will. His technical skills have been developed, and he has somewhat calmed the environment that is lived these days.

People do not forgive him for wanting to leave the project, and for not being able to renew his contract. They really seek to take advantage of that situation, including a benefit that the club has as support at the time of its sale. If he does not do so, he is free in 2022, and that is why Real Madrid is on the prowl.

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