Home Sports Real Madrid transfers: Second ’round’ by Mbappé

Real Madrid transfers: Second ’round’ by Mbappé

Real Madrid transfers: Second 'round' by Mbappé

The Real Madrid wants to get the signing of Kylian MbappéThis is not a secret, but the truth is that after last summer’s ‘tick tock’, it seems that there is going to be another assault in the next January market. The merengue team is not entirely sure that the Frenchman will not end up renewing his contract with him Paris Saint-GermainFor this reason they are going to try to make another proposal to the Parisians to try to convince them.

As reported by the program ‘Radio Stadium Night‘, the French footballer is the great objective for next summer since he would arrive for free after finishing the contract with the Parisians, however, there is a possibility of trying to advance his arrival six months since there are doubts in the sports direction of Merengue, they believe that he may end up being convinced by Nasser Al-Khelaifi in these months and this would be terrible for his plans. It seems that this ‘new’ offer is going to be strategic, they are aware that PSG will reject any proposal, but in this way they will convey to Mbappé the commitment they have to sign him for next year and thus he will think much more about any decision related to your future.

There was trouble in summer, there will also be in January

The Real Madrid tried by all means to sign Kylian Mbappé the past transfer market, in fact, the last proposal of the whites to PSG consisted of almost 200 million euros. The French did not accept any proposal, they did not want to part with their player and there were many frictions between clubs, to the point of breaking the good relations they had had for years. Next January we will have to see how the soft club approaches the signing of Mbappé, but what is clear is that the French club will not let him go.




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