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Real Madrid Transfers | Iñigo Martínez for Guerrero and Odriozola in the offices

 Real Madrid Transfers |  Iñigo Martínez for Guerrero and Odriozola in the offices

The arrival of the man from Ondarroa to Real Madrid is understood from the imperative need to stop the defensive bleeding that has weighed down Ancelotti’s men in recent games

inigo martinez I could see the doors of the Real Madrid. The current European champion is making water in defense and the enormous difficulties offered by the market could give the possibility to negotiate with the Athletic player. Jon Uriarte waits crouched to take advantage of the negotiations.

Because in Athletic’s interests there are two very important names on the table. Real Madrid tried it in its day with Nico Williams and now with Iñigo Martínez the answer was not going to be different. Valverde has already chosen. His centrals are Vivian and Yeray. But if they want Iñigo… let the operation benefit both parties.

The central defender Iñigo Martínez can end up at Real Madrid

Real Madrid goes for Iñigo Martínez

In the ever-reduced Athletic market, the chances of accessing top-level players are more complicated. For this reason, every time there are Basque players with a level for Athletic who don’t have opportunities, the Athleticzale team is always ready to negotiate.

In this case, Real Madrid has two players whose future seems far from Chamartín. On the one hand, Julen Jon Guerrero, whose transfer to Amorebieta is a declaration of intent. A footballer who plays as a midfielder, with individual quality, but without the marketing that comes with being Brazilian or costing 70 million euros… he has a difficult time at the White House.

The 2 players that Athletic wants

Julen Jon Guerrero’s situation contrasts with that of Odriozola. They simply don’t want the winger. Not even with injuries to Carvajal, Nacho and Lucas does he have minutes. Neither Ancelotti nor Florentino want him and sooner or later his destiny has to be to abandon the discipline of the white team.

Athletic wants them both, so Real Madrid has to consider the future of these players to start a possible operation for Iñigo Martínez. The cards are on the table. We’ll see if in the coming weeks, before finishing this january marketthe approach occurs. Next Saturday they will meet in San Mamés, so the management lunch will be interesting.

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