Real Madrid transfers: How would Haaland fit in with Benzema?

It has been speculating for a long time that this year the Real Madrid will work on the arrival of several very important signings, remembering those times when Florentino Perez formed a team of galactics with the arrival of many stars. This is where the names of both Kylian Mbappe like Erling Halandwho are the two best strikers today in relation to quality and projection.

Kylian Mbappé has his place on one side, so imagine a line-up in which the attacking trio is made up of Mbappé, Benzema and Vinicius it is completely viable. However, the arrival of Haaland throws everything off balance, and that is Karim Benzema He is in a brutal moment of football, so having him on the bench would be sacrilege, as would having the Norwegian sitting down.

Does Haaland fit in Real Madrid with the arrival of Mbappé?

When faced with the question of how to put Haland in the starting lineup Madridmany choose to remove Vinicius. In fact, it is not crazy, because listing Benzema in a band it wouldn’t be a tragedy. The Frenchman has proven to be a very complete player, capable of adapting to different situations on the pitch, which makes him a kind of wild card.

Although it is true that the Frenchman is more incisive in the middle, playing on a flank as a false winger would be a good solution, although the madridistas would need a dagger on the flank to occupy said flank and a midfielder who would offer help in coverage. Having players like Carvajal, or possible signings that are considered in that position, and midfielders like Casemiro or Valverde, is an option to take into account.

Another possibility would be for both Benzema and Haaland to play, Mbappe and Vinicius. Would this be possible? Of course. Would Madrid win with it? It would have to be seen. Mbappé occupies one band, while Haaland remains as a center forward and Vinicius occupies another of the bands. We took a midfielder out of the equation, surely an attacker, in the style of Modric or Kroos, and we placed Benzema behind the striker. It is viable, since the Frenchman could play perfectly in that position, due to quality, associative capacity and arrival, but he would also have to cover more in defensive tasks, in addition to taking on Kroos, Modric or another of the talented midfielders of the merengue team. It would be a matter of trying, but surely the first option would be the most viable of all, taking into account that Vinicius is a very fast and hurtful player in attack and that, coming out of shock, he could do a lot of damage, while Benzema can adapt well as false winger, providing greater danger through the center of the rival defense alongside Haaland.

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We do not know if the battering ram of the Borussia Dortmund will end up signing or not for him Real Madridsince there are still many difficulties and too many bidders in the bid for the Norwegian giant, but there are ways for the footballer to fit into the starting eleven, since it would be absurd to spend so much on a striker as exceptional as Erling Haland to have him on the bench, just as it would be illogical for Benzema to be ostracized considering that he is the main axis of the white team.

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