Real Madrid The Spanishization of Real Madrid is taking shape: Central undecided for 2024 Andrés Guzmán – December 15, 2023 – 09:00 a.m

The Merengue club is already studying the arrival of another Spanish player for the January market.

Real Madrid has started a whole process to increase the number of Spanish players in your template. This is something suggested by Florentino Pérez, who long ago expected the arrival of several players in the management and to which many agreed. Therefore, the initial aim is to sign a central defender for 2024.

Let’s remember that one of the criticisms that is constantly leveled at Real Madrid is the lack of Spaniards at the club. Currently there are only a few who are on staffwhich has led to accusations of Spanish footballers’ lack of trust in the Chamartín entity.

Spanish Real Madrid
The Merengue president wants more troops from Spain

Real Madrid are thinking about bringing in more Spaniards and have a high-quality center in mind again

In this way it was possible to establish that under this premise the Spanishization of the white club would take shape and there would be a further reinforcement of the defense. This is an area where Carlo Ancelotti has the biggest doubts due to his losses. and poor fitness. Davies sounds good for the teams, but for the axis they want a Spanish youth player.

In this series of ideas it is known that Florentino Pérez, in his effort to have more Spaniards at Real Madrid, Remember the return of Rafa Marín. At 21, he is one of the reserve team’s most promising players and was loaned to Deportivo Alavés in search of minutes.

Rafa Marín is one of the returnees that the Merengue club expects for 2024

His versatility is valued in the Whites team as he can play as both a centre-back and a left-back when required. This season he has played 14 games for the Babazorros, showing quite a bit of continuity. In addition, he has played 90 minutes in the last 4 games, which is important for the system.

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Finally, This will be the footballer who belongs to Real Madrid in 2024, with the aim of having more Spaniards. In addition, the return of a home player means they do not have to make major financial efforts. At first he is a footballer who will bother the coach, but he is able to fight for a place in the starting eleven despite losses.

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