Real Madrid The return of Kroos with Germany, which Real Madrid doesn’t like at all Andrés Guzmán – December 20, 2023 – 09:00 a.m

The Teutonic team is already discussing the possibility of nominating the midfielder again.

Toni Kroos was once again the star that Real Madrid has always been known for And now they are considering his return to the national team from Germany. After doubting his immediate future and even considering a possible retirement, the midfielder decided to extend his association with the Meringues for another season. This happened at the highest level, where it once again became one of the most effective.

Let’s remember this Toni Kroos has decided to retire from the German national team in 2021 after the Germans’ defeat against England in the European Cup. He wanted to concentrate on his family and, above all, on Real Madrid. At that time, the club welcomed the fact that he did not remain in his country’s national team, as it would concentrate 100% on the meringues. The fact that he is now considering returning raises alarm bells.

Kroos Real Madrid
The “Sniper” evaluates the return to the German national team

Toni Kroos is sounding the alarm at Real Madrid: He will return to the German team for the European Championships

In this way, it was established that this eventual return of the talented German to the team led by Nagelsmann does not please the white team at all. All this because of the requirements that will be involved now the player. Even more so when it comes to the losses he can cause in a club that needs his quality. Playing extra minutes can lead to injury.

In this order of ideas and With the Eurocup in Germany just around the corner, Toni Kroos is already thinking about returning. It could be one of the pillars of the German project, which is constantly faltering due to poor results. They have already fallen several places in the FIFA rankings and have been overtaken by smaller teams. His current situation is not the best and having stars like the Merengue midfielder could be crucial.

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The German star can be convinced to return to the national team to change his current situation and excel in the Eurocup.

Therefore, the German star’s response is expected to come in the coming days. It was quite critical in the last market when several players moved to the Saudi league and although he was able to go to the MLS, he chose to continue with Real Madrid. Today he is one of Carlo Ancelotti’s key men. The coach is the one who managed to get back a talented player who can still contribute a lot of football for the Whites.

Now, Real Madrid’s concern will be on Kroos’ eventual return to the German team. This is because he will rack up more minutes as the season progresses. At the same time, this may be counterproductive for the second part, where they hope to be able to count on their quality and talent in the fight for the EA Sports LaLiga and Champions League titles.

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