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Real Madrid takes a hit with Mendy

Real Madrid takes a hit with Mendy

Ferland mendy was one of the most outstanding players of the Real Madrid last season since he became owner of the left wing of the Santiago Bernabéu, however, this season he is having many problems that are preventing him from entering into the plans of Carlo Ancelotti. The meringues are seeing how the medical services do not find a solution to the problem and for now the return of the French to the pitch remains unknown.

As reported in the newspaper ACE, The French footballer seems to have relapsed from his last moments and today he has not been seen training with the rest of his teammates, something that has set the alarms again in the merengue team. It was expected that the French footballer could already be with the rest of the group and adding for Ancelotti, but for now we will have to wait an indeterminate time to see him again on the field of play since his annoyances do not stop. Ferland mendy He has not even been able to make his debut this season, a very important loss since last year he was one of the best players in the Madrid team.

Ancelotti pulls wit to cover his position

During this time, Carlo Ancelotti has been pulling what he can to make up the left-handed side of the Real Madrid since he is using the youth squad Miguel Gutiérrez, one of the surprises of the merengue team at this start of the campaign and has also put David Alaba in this position, a position that he is used to covering since it is his natural position, in which he played at Bayern until the arrival of Alphonso Davies. With Marcelo neither counts nor does it seem that the Brazilian wants them to count on him.


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