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Real Madrid sees Beñat Prados as the new Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid have set their sights on Beñat Prados, the Athletic Club de Bilbao midfielder who has been ringing alarm bells at Valdebebas with consistent performances bordering on excellence

The tireless search for new talent from the Merengue boardled by Juni Calafat, has found in Prados an ideal candidate to join the renovation project that the club is currently undertaking.

A super talent in Valdebeba’s computers

Athletic Bilbao’s youth philosophy is recognized nationally and internationally, with Lezama being a true hotbed of talent. In this context, Beñat Prados proves to be one of the most promising figures that attracts the attention of the greats of Spain and in particular of Real Madrid. His vision of the game, Ability to move the ball and read the gameboth in possession and without the ball, make Prados a player to watch very closely.

Paco González, respected director of Game Time, did not hesitate to praise the midfielder, highlighting his football intelligence and his intensity in pressing, aspects that undoubtedly fit Real Madrid’s playing philosophy. It is this combination of technology, vision and defensive work that has triggered the warnings about the big data merenguewhich makes Prados the object of study and analysis of the Chamartín technical team.

Beñat Prado's contract
Beñat Prados’ performance is very high

Real Madrid’s strategy is to rely on national talent

Real Madrid’s transfer policy in recent years has been characterized by a determined commitment to young talent, both nationally and internationally. Players like Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo Goes and Federico Valverde are proof of this strategy, which aims to combine youth with quality to ensure the team’s generational change.

In this sense, the interest in Beñat Prados is due not only to his quality as a footballer, but also to a broader approach that values ​​the integration of talents who can quickly adapt to the playing style and demands of top-level football. The fact that Prados has already proven its worth in top-level competitions such as the Copa del Rey makes it a safe bet for the future..

A difficult signing

The possibility that Beñat Prados will wear white in the near future is news that raises expectations not only among Real Madrid fans, but also among Spanish football fans. Prados’ prognosis, his youth and his already proven ability to excel in a top team like Athletic Club de Bilbao suggest that we are on the verge of the birth of a star who could shine at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Real Madrid, always keeping a close eye on the market and the opportunities it offers, seems ready to follow Prados’ development closely, knowing that its inclusion would not only strengthen the Merengue midfield but would also be a clear sign of support for national talent. At a time when competition for promising young players is fierce, the White club is once again demonstrating its ability to identify and attract the most promising players on the football scene.

Beñat Prados represents not only a market target for Real Madrid, but also the affirmation of a strategy that seeks excellence through youth and talent. His future, full of expectations and possibilities, will undoubtedly be one of the most followed topics by sports fans and analysts in the coming months..

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