Home Sports Real Madrid puts a price on Asensio that Athletic can pay

Real Madrid puts a price on Asensio that Athletic can pay

From the meringue box they are willing to leave the Mallorcan extreme

The Real Madrid will not have more patience with Marco Asensio and for this reason it is that he has set a price for his departure. This player has not finished exploding after the serious injury that he had and because of this, is that his level has gone through the ground. This is how they will hear offers for the offensive footballer.

He has not been the same again and despite the opportunities that Ancelotti has given him, his performance leaves some doubts. Rodrygo He has won the pulse through work and sacrifice, a fact that further complicates the choice of minutes for the Balearic Islands. Of course, he is still a player with a lot of poster.

Asensio Seville
Asensio wants to be a protagonist in the next course

Marco Asensio could leave in summer and Real Madrid already sets a price

Despite the fact that Marco Asensio is a discard for Real Madrid, many teams are willing to pay his price. The 25-year-old left-hander still has a long way to go and his conditions could change if he reaches a squad that gives him confidence. In this way, Athletic is one of the candidates.

Those of Marcelino García Toral want to add men for their extremes and the Mallorcan would enter into the philosophy of the club. As is well known, the father of the winger is Basque and this would allow him to be part of a team that could give him the minutes he wants so much. Of course, they will have to assume the figure that the meringue box has put on the table.

Athletic wants the signing of Asensio due to his imbalance

Although the current market value of Marco Asensio is 35 million euros, the whites have set a different price. For this reason, whoever wants to do with the services of the Balearic Islands, will have to pay between 45 and 50 million euros. Undoubtedly, a shocking figure, but acceptable for the lions.

Of course, it will not be a simple operation at all, since there are other important offers for the merengue player. Arsenal and Liverpool from the Premier League want to surprise in the next market. In addition, in Serie A, Juventus Turin is the club that most insists on taking over Asensio.

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