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Real Madrid prepares 40 kilos to take Pau Torres out of Villarreal CF

Although he is part of a plan B, he is still an excellent signing

The Real Madrid Its main objective is to reinforce its defensive line, and one of the pieces to do so could be the Castellón native Pau Torres. The excellent defender and also a starter with the Villarreal CF, is one of the options that most like Carlo Ancelotti. However, the Spanish international is only an alternative in case the main signing fails.

Like Torres, the signing that the merengue club wants to make is that of one of the starters, in this case the Chelsea FC. We speak german Antonio Rudiger, the champion of the London rear, and one of the untouchables of Thomas tuchel. It is clear that the operation is not easy at all and that is why they have contemplated a plan B in case it fails.

Pau Torres Madrid
Pau Torres is part of a plan B, since the main signing is that of Antonio Rudiger.

Although the signing of Rudiger fails, that of Pau Torres also seems difficult for Madrid

There are several who consider that the main signing should be that of Pau Torres and not that of Rudiger. The comparison is sporty and is that Villarreal is better positioned in terms of performance and figures. Right now the base price of the German reaches 35 kilos, while that of the Castellón reaches 50 million euros.

Age also influences, since this guarantees that physical performance will last for several seasons. In Torres’ case, he has 24, while Rudiger 28. Regardless, the two signings are very complicated since we are talking about two indisputable starters, and two important pieces for their respective coaches.

Real Madrid’s offer for Pau Torres does not convince Villarreal

If the German defender finally decided to renew with the blues club, Madrid will be clear that Pau Torres is the defender in their sights. However, the offer that they have put on the table of the Yellow Submarine does not convince anyone there. As we had previously mentioned, the base price of the defender is 50 kilos, the merengue club is placing only 40.

If the Madrid team wants a top defender like Pau Torres or Antonio Rudiger, they know they have to scratch their pockets. The two options are very good but with the figure they have budgeted they will not be able to obtain results. At the moment, the merengue sports department is exploring more alternative plans, in case the Castellón-born player also leaves his radar.

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