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Real Madrid makes it clear to Valencia CF how to sign De Frutos

An important market fight is expected in which the extreme is at stake

George Fruits which currently renders its services to Raise UD is the old yearning for Jose Bordalás for a new version of Valencia CF. However, in order to access it, many things have to be given, including a negotiation process with Real Madrid, which has 50% of its rights in its possession.

This has been made known in recent days as the desire of the orange growers proliferated at the extreme of great performance in the City of Valencia. The idea is still to assert the price at which it is equivalent and, of course, to raise many elements of judgment to ask for the highest possible price; It is estimated that 30 kilos.

Raise Fruits
The Valencian club is pushing hard so that the exit operation in Levante ends up giving Jorge de Frutos.

Although the departure of Jorge De Frutos is close, Real Madrid agrees with Levante to demand a high figure from Valencia for his services

One of Valencia’s hopes stemmed from the fact that Levante is closer than ever to confirming its relegation. This would make the player lower in price and therefore stalk in a much more specific way. But the presence of Real Madrid congests everything and he takes center stage.

It is known that internally they have extended the winger’s stay in the Granota club, and if the fall is confirmed, they will take charge of the operation. With this, the player does not lose status and his value is consolidated. A fact that they did not expect in Valencia and that completely changes the plans.

Bordalás keeps insisting on a player of his characteristics

On the sides of the coach from Alicante, it is known that his premise is to nurture this type of element as far as possible. So that these facts continue to appear and the bosses have to be forced to comply. He likes De Frutos because of his skill and speed down the flank.

But with that price it becomes simply impossible to operate. So everything is subject to analysis, and waiting to see what happens in this regard, taking into account that the market is approaching with the end of the season and the team’s needs continue to be extensive.

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