Home Sports Real Madrid make an important comeback to cheer up Chu’s Mateo

Real Madrid make an important comeback to cheer up Chu’s Mateo

The coach is happy with a player he can count on

This basketball season has been a little hectic and he knows it Chu’s Mateo with Real Madrid. And it so happens that the merengue team has produced several departures, such as Hanga, Randolph and Cornelie, while Campazzo has arrived. Something that has undoubtedly caused a lot of controversy.

And this is the team Real Madrid, managed by Chus Mateo, has carried out important renovations. In this way, it is known that Deck has already renewed his contract while negotiations with Tavares continue, as this is considered a priority operation. A point that was crucial for the team.

Chu's Mateo Real Madrid
Chus Mateo will have an unexpected signing

In the middle of the pre-season, the white team is already thinking about good results

But while all this is happening Chu’s Mateo already knows he can expect an early signing, which is undoubtedly great news to prepare for the pre-season. Additionally, fans are excited for what’s to come for the entire Chus team.

And that’s exactly what the Spanish team has already announced who will be selected for the World Cup, and among them Alberto Abalde will not be there, he was one of the last three eliminations. One of the first news to be known about the white team that will bring big changes.

Under the command of Chus Mateo, Real Madrid receive very good news

Therefore, he won’t continue with the rest of his teammates, which means Real Madrid can count on him from the start of the pre-season. Chu’s Mateo He will be able to have it from the start, which can be very important for the Galician.

It should be remembered that he was hardly involved in the Madrid’s rotations last season. So if you want to convince him, you have a chance. It is undoubtedly a huge blow for him not to be able to participate in the World Cup.. But it has its positive side as it will take place before the rest of the internationals in Madrid.

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