Real Madrid has a serious problem to pay Mbappé

The Frenchman aims to be the star to present in the following summer market

Everyone awaits the official announcement of the fall of the season for Real Madrid regarding Kylian Mbappe. He is the footballer called to take the reins of command, outside Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and with a Karim Benzema entering his later years as an active professional.

However, in recent weeks one of the alternate movements, intended to finance everything related to his salary payment, has fallen. We refer to Eden Hazardwho after the last official announcement from the medical department will enter the operating room for the third time since being part of the merengue club.

Atletico Mbappe
Kylian Mbappé embarrasses his move to Real Madrid according to the latest news preview inside the merengue team

Hazard’s event limits the economic capacities at Real Madrid and seriously jeopardizes Mbappé’s passage in the summer

With a contract until the summer of 2024, the Eden Hazard theme is special. Not only because it meets certain characteristics of expectation, but because it is the light of hope to recapitalize a club that needs high values ​​to assume its new commitments. Mbappé will enter earning around 30 million euros per season, only in salary.

Hazard has already been ruled out by Ancelotti and the recommendation is obvious, the big problem is that no club in the international environment will apply to offer for someone who is injured. In addition, they need to recover it, put it to play and boost his career so that between now and June they have been able to capitalize on that asset.

Downtime is already confirmed

At least five will be the weeks in which the Belgian winger will be away from the courts. To this we must add his physical adaptation and with the season so advanced there are few expectations of seeing him demonstrate his talent in the remainder of the competition. So it is time to reflect and everyone knows it, they must take another path and that is centralization at this time.

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Mbappé is already very advanced, he is a player that everyone expects in the capital. He does not seem to be the best of scenarios and the responsibility is concentrated on Florentino Pérez, who, appealing to his wisdom, must give mobility to his discard list to raise capital and face the transfer of the new era.

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