Real Madrid Fede Valverde names Ancelotti penalty taker Andrés Guzmán – December 15, 2023 – 2:00 p.m

The Uruguayan footballer is one of the highlights of the Merengue team and now wants a new role

They have a good number of players from Real Madrid unparalleled quality and one of them is Fede Valverde, who, in addition to his role in midfield, now wants to be the club’s penalty taker.. The “Pajarito” has gradually won the affection of fans for its great performance, its versatility and its finishing in the middle distance.

Apart from this Fede Valverde can play as a winger, which gives Ancelotti optionsNow he wants to be the number 1 penalty taker. There is no doubt that it is deadly when shooting from long distances as it has great power. As for the subject of the eleven-step recordings, it is not one of the chosen ones, but it has references so you can take it into account.

Real Madrid's Fede Valverde in the middle of the game.
The “Little Bird”, a specialist in punishments

Real Madrid are looking for a penalty taker and Fede Valverde could be the chosen one

In this way it became clear that one of the Uruguayan player’s main qualities is this type of finishing. Some social media accounts that closely follow Real Madrid news have left the club a compilation of the penalties taken by the midfielder and which he perfectly converted into a goal.

In this order of ideas, Fede Valverde now claims to be one of the Merengue club’s penalty takers. Since his early days in the Uruguayan youth teams, he has shown great personality and effectiveness in scoring goals, and this has carried over to the senior national team. For this reason, he now wants to be one of the players Ancelotti has appointed for this role.

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The players chosen by Ancelotti for the penalty shootout were not as effective as Benzema and he is already looking for a forceful element there

At the moment, The collectors for this are Luka Modric, Rodrygo and Joselu. They all failed to take advantage of their chances and the last one to make a mistake was the Croatian in the game against Unión Berlin in the Champions League, which raised even more doubts in the coach’s mind. Of course the team has a star for that.

Therefore, Fede Valverde’s option could be crucial for Real Madrid when it comes to penalties. He is a player who is a specialist in this field and can change the scenario of losing goals from the eleventh step. His shot is quite powerful and well placed, which is why it was difficult for opposing goalkeepers to stop him.

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