Real Madrid faces a key day to retire Dani Carvajal

Real Madrid faces a key day to retire Dani Carvajal

From the merengue club they have the starting point for the final goodbye of the side

The Real Madrid would be close to retirement Daniel Carvajal, a player who, although he was a great contribution in the past for the whites, now has a decline that puts him further and further away from the Bernabéu. Even, there is already a defined day in which the future of the 31-year-old right-hander will be defined.

Let’s remember that Daniel Carvajal has established itself as one of the best in the Real Madrid in recent seasons. Of course, this has changed suddenly due to injuries and his poor form is already beginning to generate complications for coach Carlo Ancelotti himself, who is already looking for alternatives.

The side continues to decline and his future is in suspense

Dani Carvajal will not be available for Real Madrid against Villarreal and his replacement could determine his future

In this way, the match in the Copa del Rey against Villarreal CF will be decisive for the meringues. There, the Italian coach will have to use a new player in that area and this could be the key to convincingly keeping the position. We are talking about the Brazilian Vinicius Tobías.

The Shakhtar Donetsk player is on loan at Castilla, where he has dazzled with his good performance. For this reason, he has begun to climb positions and about the possibility of playing against the Yellow Submarine, Ancelotti himself has spoken clearly. “Vinicius Tobías can contribute to the team tomorrow”. The coach commented.

If the level of Vinicius Tobías is important, he can stay with the right side

In that order of ideas, the Brazilian could accelerate the retirement of Dani Carvajal with Real Madrid. He is a footballer who can continue to show conditions and end up convincing the coach to continue being part of the first team. He does not belong to the meringues, but they have a purchase option on the youth.

We will have to wait for what might happen in Real Madrid’s match against Villarreal CF for the Copa del Rey. At the moment, there is great expectation for the minutes that Vinicius Tobías can play and the ground that he can gain from there. It may be time for a new owner of the right flank at the Bernabéu.


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