Real Madrid does not forget Roberto Firmino

The directive of real Madrid faces a crossroads in the summer market, and it is that the possible arrival of Roberto Firmino as a free agent he presents both reasons for and against. Although the Brazilian striker has been linked to the white club for months and would fit into the entity’s transfer policy, there are several aspects that could make it difficult to transfer him.

Firmino, who has been one of Liverpool’s attacking leaders under Jürgen Klopp, is looking for a new challenge after losing prominence of late. His possible arrival at Real Madrid has generated expectation, as the board of directors chaired by Florentino Pérez is looking for a striker who can act as Karim Benzema’s “second sword” without making large financial investments. However, there are reasons against this signing.

Real Madrid does not forget Roberto Firmino

Firstly, Firmino is expected to be unwilling to accept a substitute role at Real Madrid. The Brazilian striker has shown his quality and versatility at Liverpool, and it is unlikely that he will be willing to give up a prominent role in his new team. In addition, Firmino’s representatives could demand a contract of between two and three years, a duration that the white club would not be willing to accept.

The board has learned about the risks involved in signing a veteran striker, just as they have experienced with Karim Benzema this season. Thus, they would avoid making a long-term commitment to another player in a similar position. The imminent arrival of Endrick, a talented striker considered to be Benzema’s successor, also works against Firmino’s signing.

Signing another veteran striker would mean taking risks similar to those experienced this season with the French striker, something that the board of directors wants to avoid at all costs. Despite the doubts and obstacles surrounding the possible arrival of Roberto Firmino at Real Madrid, the club’s interest in the Brazilian striker cannot be ignored.

The board will need to make a decision based on a careful evaluation of the benefits and long-term implications. While Firmino could bring his experience and quality to the team, the transfer policy and the search for a new generation of talent could tip the scales against signing him. The summer market promises to be eventful, and the Anfield and Santiago Bernabéu offices will be at the center of the action as the fates of these key players are resolved.

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