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Real Madrid define strategy to sign Scariolo

After the end of last season, Real Madrid were interested in signing Sergio Scariolo as they had many doubts about Chu’s Mateo’s performance despite the titles won

The Spanish basketball team lost to Canada in a close game last Sunday and was eliminated from the World Cup in the second phase. The team played perfectly against one of the big favorites but couldn’t pull off a great group game. Many are now leaving the national team Sergio Scariolowho is in the pools to practice that real Madrid.

It’s not the first time the Italy manager has been on the white radar as his name made headlines at the end of last season as he was on the verge of a return to the Spanish capital. And we mustn’t forget that Sergio Scariolo was Real Madrid coach between 1999 and 2002whereby a league title and a Copa del Rey were achieved.

Scariolo, on Real Madrid's radar
Sergio Scariolo will retire from the Spanish national team in 2024

Scariolo, back on Real Madrid’s radar

Now that his final with the Spanish national team is drawing near, Scariolo’s future is once again linked with Real Madrid. Despite being dismissed by many this season, the Italy coach will stay at Virtus Bologna for one more season but everything could change for the 2024/2025 season.

For his part Real Madrid will continue to be managed by Chus Mateo. The one who was Pablo Laso’s deputy during one of the club’s most glorious stages has earned the right to continue on the bench after winning the Euroleague. Of course, he doesn’t have the charisma and strength of his predecessor, so he has to earn his claim to continuity season after season.

2024, a key year for Chus Mateo

If this season doesn’t bring a big title, Real Madrid will be without Chus Mateo’s services. And he will try to land Sergio Scariolo as coach as everything indicates that he will retire from the Spanish national team after the Paris 2024 Olympics. Olympic Games, which may not even include the Spanish national team.

As we know, The Spanish national team has to contest the classification in a tough pre-Olympic game where there is only one seat left. Whatever the case, everything points to it The paths of Sergio Scariolo and Real Madrid will reuniteAnd. Of course, there’s a chance he’ll get a call from the NBA, because let’s recall he has a past with the Toronto Raptors, where he won a ring as an assistant coach to Nick Nurse at the Toronto Raptors.

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