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Real Madrid Courtois joins Kepa Arrizabalaga Wilmer Ayala’s boycott – December 6, 2023 – 2:00 p.m

The worst thing that could have happened to the Basque goalkeeper was that he got injured a few weeks ago when he was the undisputed starter after the serious physical setback that the Belgian goalkeeper suffered at the beginning of the season.

Everyone knows that Kepa Arrizabalaga’s arrival at Real Madrid was just a spontaneous move after Thibaut Courtois’ serious injury. The Ondarre goalkeeper had already been considered as the Belgian’s second option in previous markets and after the physical setback suffered by the former Atlético, It was the perfect alibi for his signing.

Although Kepa had just started at Chelsea, he did not fit into Mauricio Pochettino’s plans and was therefore loaned to the Merengue club. In his place they signed Robert Sánchez from Cartagena, who hardly responded well. But back to the topic of the Basque: he was happy as he was the undisputed starter of the madridista team, but at the beginning of November the curse fell.

Courtois Kepa
Thibaut Courtois announces he will not take part in Euro 2024 as he will remain at Real Madrid to complete his recovery.

Thibaut Courtois warns that he will not take part in the European Championships and Kepa interprets this as a threat

As if the renewal of Andriy Lunin wasn’t reason enough to make the former Athletic impatient, It has now become known that the Limburg native will not take part in the 2024 European Championship with Belgium. Because the 31-year-old goalkeeper would rather stay with the white club and complete his recovery. A sign that he wants to return to the starting position when he is at 100%.

Kepa’s entourage has interpreted this as a negative sign, as this, together with the renewal of the Ukrainian, would push the Ondarrese into the background. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Courtois will return to the starting XI while Lunin will be his direct replacement. This is due to the great performances he has shown in the last few games.

Everything indicates that Courtois will ruin Kepa’s operation

The Basque goalkeeper plans to be bought by the Merengue team, or at least that’s what Florentino had in mind. But given that the Ukrainian is responding wonderfully and the starting goalkeeper is determined to speed up his recovery by not taking part in the European Championship with his team, The transfer of the Bay of Biscay is complicated.

If things take their natural course, Real Madrid will bring Kepa Arrizabalaga back to Chelsea FC. The Basque has a contract there until 2025, but will most likely describe him as transferable. With this, the story of the Ondarrans in the madridista club ends and Carlo Ancelotti will define his two goalkeepers.

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