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Real Madrid coach speaks clearly of the moment of Isco Alarcón

Despite all the speculation from within the team, they seem to be optimistic about the moment the player from Malaga is living.

A new transfer market is coming and with the most famous cases in the Real Madrid come afloat, like that of Isco Alarcon, and his clear moment of ostracism in the team. That is what the coach of the merengue team, Mr. Carlo Ancelotti, has been in charge of talking about. That at a press conference he has decided to touch on various issues to release pressure for the news.

And it is quite strange to see it reduced to what it is today. Not only has he gone from having minutes to having nothing, but he is the faithful example of what it is to be absorbed by the level of others. That is what the Italian coach has based himself on, since he admits that due to the regularity of the rest, his performance is decimated in what is internal competition.

Isco price
Real Madrid prefers to lower the price of Isco and give it to Sevilla FC before he lands at Atlético

There are no individual excuses, Isco’s current situation is more a reflection that is aimed at the group performance of Real Madrid

That at the beginning of his stage as a coach (Ancelotti) in the merengue team has had more minutes that now does not respond to what those in charge of the press conference really wanted to absorb. But technically speaking, the white club has found superlative levels, especially in the area where the man from Malaga operates.

Modric has raised his performance beyond his 36 years, and Kroos is life insurance. So that the residual minutes are the only answer to give activity and that counting on games where there is little to do. That has limited the regularity of the footballer who, according to him, sees him training very well throughout the week.

Isco’s exit possibilities continue to increase as the days go by

All this does is increase the chances of exit that they have with respect to Isco Alarcón. The footballer continues to ask for opportunities for the future, in a scenario that of course allows him to be more competitive and gain kilometers that will bring him closer to the Qatar World Cup at the end of 2022.

Sevilla and Atlético are two of the most interested, but alternatives in the foreign market such as Juventus and Manchester City cannot be left out. Isco does not stop seeing his future as a new opportunity, leaving aside one of his best stages where he got all merengue dresses in the Zidane era at the helm.

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