Real Madrid are negotiating with a new coach behind Chus Mateo’s back

After the traumatic departure of Pablo Laso due to health problems, Real Madrid decided to entrust Chus Mateo in charge of a team that wanted to follow the path set by the Vitorian coach

After passing through teams like Unicaja, CAI Zaragoza or Fuenlabrada, To Chus Mateo The great opportunity of his career was presented to him real Madrid. After several years in the shadow of Pablo Laso, the Madrid coach unexpectedly saw his chance to become the team’s first coach in 2022 due to health problems of the team’s head coach.

The team was left with many doubts during the season, leading to weeks of discussion about other coaches taking over the team’s leadership. However, he eventually managed to turn the situation around by abolishing the Euroleague in May. Now, Chus Mateo just won the Spanish Super Cup with Real Madridbut it might not be enough.

Real Madrid don't completely trust Chus Mateo
Scariolo secretly met with Real Madrid last season

Chus Mateo fails to convince Real Madrid

Although the results weren’t bad at all, Chu’s Mateo fails to convince the white board. A board that secretly met with one of the best coaches in the world last year to take over the management of the team. However, due to the team’s comeback, it was decided not to make any changes to the bench.

As we know, Real Madrid met with Sergio Scariolo, because they wanted the Italian coach to return to the white club. But they weren’t the only ones who met with him, as the Toronto Raptors had already done the same to make him their head coach. Now, a few months later, we have learned that this was the decisive factor in his dismissal from Virtus Bologna.

Scariolo is the favorite of the white club

Now that you’re without equipment, Real Madrid have thought about Sergio Scariolo again. He is the most popular coach on the white team, leading the team from the bench. This despite the fact that Chus Mateo did a very good job in his first season as head coach of the Madrid team.

However, the board prefers a coach like Sergio Scariolo, who is much more experienced and has an enviable CV. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how everything gets resolved, but Chus Mateo knows that he can’t have a single bad series at Real Madrid Otherwise, his continued existence in the team is seriously at risk.

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