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Real Madrid and Barcelona step into the crypto world together

Real Madrid en Barcelona stappen samen de crypto wereld in

It was announced this week that arch-rivals in the Spanish football world, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​are joining forces to build crypto applications together. The clubs plan to: virtual reality gaming and facilitate crypto transactions for fans.

Real Madrid and Barcelona

The fact that these two clubs are now working together is remarkable to say the least. The two football giants have been each other’s biggest rivals for decades. Still, a trademark application shows that the football clubs will work closely together to launch some metaverse and crypto-related products and services for fans.

The trademark application already took place last week, but was confirmed a few days ago on Twitter by lawyer Mike Kondoudis.

Football and cryptocurrencies

While the partnership between Real Madrid and Barcelona is of course exceptional, they are not exactly the first football clubs to actively plan to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. For example, many football clubs already have in one way or another non-fungible tokens (NFT) put up for sale.

An example of this is Liverpool which launched a unique NFT collection a few months ago. Owning these NFTs would also bring some benefits there, such as access to exclusive communities inside the club.

The metaverse seems to be very popular with football clubs. A while back, Premier League club Crystal Palace also served a metaverse trademark application in. This trademark application was very similar in scope to the recent trademark application of the Spanish duo.

Earlier this month, it was also announced that an English club, Oxford City, was going to allow fans to buy tickets with bitcoin as a means of payment. Football clubs, but also other sports organizations, are at the forefront when it comes to the adoption of blockchain and crypto technology, that much is certain.

Barcelona itself announced earlier this year that the club is working on its own cryptocurrency and metaverse and recently closed a major deal with Chiliz (CHZ).



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