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Real Madrid: Ancelotti’s mistakes in the loss to Sheriff Tiraspol

The Real Madrid suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in UEFA Champions League history against the rookie Sheriff Tiraspol, which is valued at a little over 12 million euros. A painful fall that can complicate qualification for the next round of the competition, taking into account that the Merengue team did not deserve to beat Inter Milan and that it comes from two very poor matches at the operational level.

One of the reasons for the defeat was poor field direction by Carleto Ancelotti, who did not manage to rearrange the game and who did not provide a favorable context for his team to be able to overcome the team with less staff in the entire competition. The merengue team had 31 shots but only 11 on goal, that is, 20 shots went far from the goal, which shows how little effectiveness the team is. And, at the same time, and despite having 31 shots, it only created 3 clear opportunities of real danger according to data from SofaScore.

Ancelotti’s mistakes before Sheriff Tiraspol

-Team holder: The Italian opted for an eleven with few offensive variants. In the absence of an aggressive side, he opted for two interiors that do not have top-level offensive features such as Camavinga or Valverde. The bet should be on Asensio, who is sweet in the face of the rival goal and who can offer much more depth in the center lane.

-The changes in the second half: He compensated the team. First by placing Hazard in the center and Valverde on the wing, which has taken away a lot of aggressiveness from the team. Later, he finished with the Uruguayan and Eduardo Camavinga on the wing after taking the full-backs out of the game. A serious mistake because, before teams that fold so low, you need footballers on the sides who can offer you advantages from the second row and that generate individual duels. “Camavinga has played more times there (Left back). I have switched to the media to have more freshness,” he confirmed at a press conference.

-Defensive problems: The Sheriff is the least talented team in the Champions League, but they scored two goals with four shots on target. Real Madrid leaves the feeling of being a fragile team in defense, which keeps it from being a candidate team to win the Orejona. Courtois cannot always save you and Ancelotti is the main culprit because, beyond creating an offensive machine, his team without the ball leaves too many doubts.


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