Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético: summary, goals and result

What analysis do you do? “It was a very close game. They started the second half better and after the expulsion, we forgot to play a bit, because they got into the low block and we wanted to always look for the most difficult ball. Against ten, on top of that, what you can’t do to do is give away free kicks, because that is the only threat they had left. For me it is a very light free kick, that goes ahead, but hey. This point knows little about us, although it is better than zero”.

Why has it cost so much to attack from 0-1? “They go down a lot to defend and you have to circulate the ball quickly. And we didn’t, we started looking for high balls, precisely where they are strong. But, luckily, Álvaro appeared.”

What a great goal from ‘Toro’. “He is a boy who trains very well and has that goal. Against Osasuna he already entered the field very well and today, he saved a point. Hopefully it continues like this”.

The last. Is Correa red? “He makes a gesture, but if it’s red or not, that’s up to him. But they shouldn’t complain after the little foul before the goal.”

Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid goalkeeper, on DAZN

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