Home World Real estate: all about the new energy performance diagnostic (EPD)

Real estate: all about the new energy performance diagnostic (EPD)

Real estate: all about the new energy performance diagnostic (EPD)

The Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) is mandatory when selling or renting a home.

It classifies the houses according to their level of energy efficiency and their behavior in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. From July 1, a new version came into force. This is what to remember.

The new DPE now has a single letter, from A to G. It is determined taking into account the energy consumed by the home but also according to its greenhouse gas emissions. Its classification is, therefore, the synthesis of the two indicators that appeared in the old version. Also, there will now be a range for estimating annual energy costs for your home.

The new calculation method takes into account all the technical characteristics of the house such as insulation, heating and windows. It is no longer based solely on the invoices provided by the tenant. In addition, the DPE must be performed by a trained and approved 60 checkpoint diagnostician.

The diagnostician will now have to indicate recommendations in the new DPE, which aim to reduce household consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. They will be subject to a quantified estimate.

Big news, the DPE is now opposable. Clearly, if the document is defective, the buyer or tenant has legal tools to attack the seller or the landlord. For example, they will have to order a new DPE. If you reveal a significant discrepancy in the data, compensation may be required, such as a drop in price or rent. Sellers and landlords can also turn against the business at the source of the misdiagnosis.

No price difference is expected. The DPE will cost around 200 euros. On the other hand, the cost of a residence prior to 1948 increases according to the CDI-FNAIM, that is, 200 euros compared to the previous 90 euros. Finally, these prices refer only to the DPE and not to all the necessary diagnostics during a sale (asbestos, termites, footage, etc.).

The new version came into effect on 1er last july, but old DPEs are still valid. Those made between 1er January 2013 and December 31, 2017 are until December 31, 2022. Those made between 1er January 2018 and June 30, 2021 are valid until December 31, 2024.

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