Reactions to the fight in the Palace: Nurkic, Clyburn, Ennis…

The second game between Real Madrid and Partizán left an embarrassing image to remember in the Euroleague. The two teams got involved in a brawl hardly comparable throughout history.

The fight was such that the referees decided to suspend the short time (1:40) that remained of the game. The Serbian team clearly won on the scoreboard (80-95), but the conflict began that led to a pitched battle. Different players and professionals from the world of basketball reacted to this event by providing their comments on social networks.

One of them was jusuf nurkic. The Bosnian player joked with Errick McCollum, player of the Pınar Karşıyaka and brother of CJ, of the New Orleans Pelicans.

When they are going to play games 3 and 4 in Serbia, the Real Madrid players better not leave the hotelMcCollum commented. Nurkic responded ironically. “That goes, Partizan fans have class. It is a very unfortunate situation, I hope no one is seriously injured”answered the interior of the Oregon team.

Dylan Ennisformerly of Gran Canaria, Zaragoza and Andorra, also joked about it.

What is happening with these EuroLeague playoffs? This is amazing, it looks like WWE (Wrestling competition)”, commented the base on social networks.

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Ennis himself was also talking about the remaining parties in Belgrade.

I hope Madrid enter Serbia with the national police. Go to the Partizan pavilion after that… I pray for you”, shared the escort.

kendrick perrya Unicaja player, also had a few words about the event.

All jokes aside, you have to be able to accept this defeat… now you are jeopardizing the season and the safety of your team…”, commented the player from the Malaga team.

One of the stars of the Euroleague, Will Clyburn, joined the conversation. the player of efes He was joking about the matches that Madrid will play in Belgrade.

Dude, there’s no way want to go there now”, expressed the former CSKA.

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