RD versus PR, their clashes in the World Baseball Classic

The two great giants of Caribbean BaseballDominican Republic and Puerto Rico, faces are seen again in what will be a life or death match for both.

A rivalry for many years, loaded with great tradition, is the one between these two nations, owners of a long history in baseball.

It is a life or death match for both, while the Puerto Ricans have advanced to the next round in each of the phases, their rival from the Dominican Republic already saw their goodbyes in 2009 without achieving anything.

For both it will be their sixth confrontation in their history in the World Baseball Classics, since this contest began in 2006.

The first time that both saw their faces in the same one occurred in 2006, in the second round and the Puerto Ricans prevailed with a score of 7 laps to one.

In 2013, both countries saw each other’s faces three times, the Dominicans winning each of these. In the first they prevailed 4-2 in the first round, to then emerge triumphant two runs to 0 in the last match of the second round.

On their side, another whiteout was provided by the Dominicans in the game for the definition of the championship with a score of 3-0.

While in the 2017 Classic, the Puerto Ricans beat the Quisqueyans with a score of three runs to one in the semifinals.

In the history of the tournament, Puerto Rico has always managed to advance to the second round of the tournament, including the finals in 2013 and 2017 with runners-up. The Dominican Republic, in 2009, was surprisingly eliminated in the first round at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

How is each of them doing?

The Dominican batting is slightly above Compared to Puerto Rico, the former have an offensive line of .311/.392/.873 while the latter have .299/.389/.832.

The home run ratio is 3-1 in favor of the Islanders and they also outscore them in doubles with a 9-7 ratio. At the level of triples and runs batted inthe statistics favor the Puerto Ricans with 2-23 over 0-16 of the Dominicans.

If we talk about pitching, the ERA of 2.25 for the Dominican over the 3.12 for Puerto Rico clearly shows who is the favorite.


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