An unprecedented and arduous contest is anticipated for one of the world’s most effective strikers

RCD Majorca does not want to remain paralyzed in the lower part of the table, which is why it has been decidedly launching itself in the signing or potential signing of Arkadiusz Milik, the former tip of the Naples who now competes in the Olympique de Marseille in France. The operation, although complex, has been gaining ground and that has been replicated everywhere.

The option grows from the low moment of the player in his club, and the notorious decrease in the assertive response of the vermilion tips. So, analyzing the environment, it has been concluded that a signing alternative can be executed that can give value to the new project directed by Luis García Plaza.

Arkadiusz Milik is one of Mallorca’s potential signings

That Milik plays for Mallorca is not new, what does have an important echo is the competition

The technical conditions of this striker adapt perfectly to the idea of ​​a brave game that the island club has. That is why this possibility has caused a lot of scandal, although certain incidental factors must be taken into account. One of them is the salary, and another is the high competition that goes through it.

In addition to Mallorca, Sevilla FC and Juventus from Turin are added. The Bianconeri team has in favor that they know him from the previous competition, where he was made up of the Neapolitans and a fundamental piece in the scoring of the team from the south of the country of the boot. So with these names it is assumed to be complex to compete, although faith is not lost.

Marseille is not going to assess any chance of transfer and they are limited to the purchase

This ends up being another decisive factor, since Mallorca does not represent a strong element of attracting funds. The team survives on a low budget so they continue to wait and see. What does not leave them out of competition, but very stretched if they want to find success.

For now the signal is to remain calm. The team has been raising the level and little by little it is planting not only in the position table, but in the scaffolding itself. They have built new dynamics from the development of their game, based on maintaining an iron solidity from the defensive, deploying attacking elements in a reactive system.


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