RCD Mallorca initiates contacts with Reinier after failing in Girona

RCD Mallorca initiates contacts with Reinier after failing in Girona

The Brazilian footballer started the season at a high level, but little by little he has been disappearing from Míchel’s eleven, who has already told the club that his departure would not be a problem

In 2020 Real Madrid chose to invest 30 million euros in a Brazilian footballer unknown to most but who was having great matches in Brazil, from where he arrived with a Copa Libertadores under his arm. We are talking about reinierwho since his arrival has barely had opportunities and who is now dreaming of embarking on a new adventure in the RCD Majorca.

Since his arrival in Spanish football, he has gone through different assignments, first at Borussia Dortmund and currently at Girona FC. But in none of them has he had continuity, causing him to be sought out from the Catalan team. And the RCD Majorca is one of the teams that has knocked on the door of reinier asking about your situation.

Reinier will not finish the season at Girona FC

Reinier wants to change Girona for Mallorca

Knowing that it is not part of Míchel’s plans for the second half of the season, the Brazilian footballer is the first to want to find a way out. That is why, jointly with Real Madrid, they are working on transferring him to a new team. And one of the best options they have on the table is RCD Mallorca, with whom they maintain good institutional relations.

Already in the past, both clubs closed the transfer of Kubo to the Balearic team, achieving great results. That is why now they want to repeat this situation with the loan of Reinier, who at 21 years old is still one of the best talents in Brazilian football and in whom the meringues continue to have a lot of confidence despite the fact that he has not yet finished exploding.

The departure of Kang-In Lee reoccupies RCD Mallorca

One of the reasons why the Balearic Islands want the Brazilian midfielder is to cover a possible departure for Kang-In Lee. The South Korean is completing a spectacular season in the ranks of RCD Mallorca, causing several powerful teams to take an interest in his situation. That is why, to cover their backs, they want to close the arrival of a new midfielder.

Be that as it may, first you will have to resolve your Girona FC balance. Once this happens, Real Madrid and RCD Mallorca will begin negotiations for the loan of Reinier until the end of the season. For their part, the Balearic team will have to decide whether to lower their financial claims to sell Kang-In Lee in the winter market or if, on the contrary, they decide to keep him until the end of the season.


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