RCD Mallorca ends with the songs of Reina thanks to PSG

A player with a long history and talent could end up arriving in the indispensable position to expose the intention of permanence

The transition of RCD Mallorca between keeping the focus on sustaining the category and the different variants that are presented in the usual course has not been easy at all. For example, the drop in performance in the arc, thanks to the injury of Dominik greif and the poor performance of Manolo Reina.

PSG enters an instance in which it makes available a player with whom little and nothing is counted. Is about Sergio Rico, ex of Seville looking for an opportunity in the market to continue growing professionally. It is the perfect chance to continue their progress and give a hand to a team that continues to fight side by side with Cádiz and Levante. All this undoubtedly buries Manolo Reina in a Majorca which obviously needs to be added now.

Sergio Rico Valencia
Sergio Rico does not have minutes at PSG and contemplates his departure from the French team in January.

With the performance of Reina, it is indicated to start the season auction in Mallorca with a cash that guarantees security

The news of Sergio Rico is a complete unknown. He does not play and is that part of that premise is due to the high competition that he has inside. With Donnarumma and Keylor Navas ahead, not even the Cup games are a stage for him to expose his reflexes and leadership.

Leo Román had to play in Mallorca during the week, who despite his inexperience has proven to be a safe, calm and well-conditioned goalkeeper. What happens is that to define this aspect it is appropriate to take a step forward and that is only gained with the addition of large-sized elements. Staying in first is everyone’s goal and only in this way is that possible.

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The conditions are at hand, the decision depends on the player’s environment

For now, what has been said is that for Rico to end up signing, only an assignment offer will be contemplated, without a purchase option. Which gives you little mileage, but has an excellent opportunity to step up. The player is aware and is trying to force his exit, because he needs the minutes and the return to LaLiga motivates him.

Only details remain, the salary field is defined and the transfer payment in the same way. In any case, on the Balearic island they do not want to wait any longer, resources are exhausted and the days do not stop passing. We will see if it materializes or ends up being one of those speculative effects that haunt the environment.

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