RCD Espanyol Sergio González on Espanyol’s shot as a substitute for Ramis Jesús Carames – January 30, 2024 – 5:00 p.m

Luis Miguel Ramis is sentenced at RCD Espanyol and the board is already exploring the market for available coaches, among which Sergio González stands out

After making two saves that seemed impossible at Cádiz CF, Sergio González was sacked after not winning a game for almost five months. Manuel Vizcaíno had no choice but to agree to the coaching change and now the coach’s fate could lie in the second division. Especially at Espanyol, a club he knows perfectly.

As we know, Sergio González progressed through Espanyol’s youth system until he reached the first team. He did this both as a player and as a coach, developing much of his career at the Barcelona club. Now that I don’t have a team anymore, Sergio González could be the saving grace Espanyol needs to get your season back on track.

Sergio Gonzalez Espanyol
Sergio González is waiting to start a new project

Sergio González, a home option for Espanyol

Despite Ramis has been given a new chance at Espanyol, the chamber appears to have convicted him. The reason he has not yet left office is because no replacement has been identified. Fans have put several names on the table, but Sergio González is one of the most exciting.

The reason is none other than Sergio González is a man of the house and that has achieved important successes in recent years. His return would be great news for the club as he is more than capable of getting the team back on their feet and encouraging them to fight for promotion. But it’s also important to note that signing him won’t be easy.

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The former Cádiz CF player is not at all clear about his decision

Currently, The name Sergio González is more of an illusion among fans than a reality. Especially because the coach could take a break until the end of the season after very demanding years at the helm of Cádiz CF. Likewise, we must take into account the way in which he left the parakeet club in its final phase.

Sergio González was not at all happy with the Espanyol board’s decision. at that time and he announced it publicly. But there has been time for the wounds to heal. And the coach will never close the doors of his former home. However, this option is not even being considered at the moment as there is no proposal on the table.

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