RCD Espanyol rescues MLS winger by order of Diego Martínez

A Spanish soccer player who currently plays for Los Angeles FC could return to the Santander League after not finding his place in the North American league

Diego Martínez has already transferred to the sports management of the parakeet club what his wishes are for the transfer market. One of these wishes is the arrival of a new extremethen consider that RCD Espanyol has a deficit in this position. And it is that currently it has many center forwards or midfielders, but few players who can open the field naturally.

This has forced the coach to resort to players who are not used to performing this role. That is why now that the opening of the winter transfer market is approaching, they want to solve the situation. And from what we have been able to learn, they have been interested in a Pure winger who already knows what it’s like to play for RCD Espanyol.

Spanish winger
Cristian Tello has had no luck in the MLS

The MLS winger that RCD Espanyol wants

The footballer in question we are talking about is Cristian Tello, who until last summer was a member of Real Betis. It was then that, with a Copa del Rey under his arm, he decided to step aside and try his luck abroad again. His destination was Los Angeles FC, where he has met other great players such as Giorgio Chiellini, Carlos Vela or Gareth Bale.

However, despite being one of the team’s most famous signings, he has not managed to stand out. He not only has not managed to earn a starting position, but so far this North American season he has only played 124 minutes of play. A very poor figure for a player who has yet to settle his contract.

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Cristian Tello, a market opportunity for RCD Espanyol

His current contract with the Californian club ends on December 31 and it is the club that must decide whether to exercise the option to renew his contract for two more seasons. At the moment it does not seem that it will be like that and the footballer’s agent is already looking for solutions in the market. And one of the solutions is to return to the Santander League, where he continues to have a good poster.

One of the teams interested in his signing would be RCD Espanyol, where the end of Sabadell has already passed. He did it in the youth category after returning to FC Barcelona for his second stage. That is why, despite the existing rivalry between the two clubs, the footballer would have no qualms about playing again in a team that he has already defended and that would give him a new opportunity. Of course, it also has interest from Greece and Turkey.

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