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RCD Espanyol receives Diego Martínez’s blacklist

The coach and sports director Perico have got down to work

There is no time to lose, that is the motto of Diego Martinez Y Sunday Catoiracoach and sports director RCD Spanish respectively. Both have analyzed the current squad and have realized that there are several players whose contractual obligation is about to end. Some of them will be renewed and the others will be told “good luck”.

The Galician coach he knows that time is valuable and he needs to resolve the situation of these players as soon as possible and then continue with his transfer plan. In his diary there are already names like brian olive Y Joseluwho already gave the pre-approved to wear the blue and white elastic in this new season.

  Spanish Diego Martinez
Óscar Melendo is on the list of players with whom his continuity is still being negotiated.

Diego Martínez begins with the players who are leaving Espanyol

Getting out of the most difficult is what the former Granada coach prefers. That is why he has started with those players who do not count for him, because they did not show a level this season, or they simply do not fit into his tactical scheme. In that order of ideas, Oier Olazábal, Dídac Vilà and Fran Mérida have been the first three beheaded.

The goalkeeper, the winger and the midfielder are no longer at Espanyol due to several controversies that have more to do with their sports performance than anything else. The players were notified that there were more possibilities to leave than to renew, so some of them were looking for a team for this new season.

The Espanyol players who are still in doubt and Diego Martínez has as possible in his squad

Just as the first three players to leave have been determined, there are also three who are in limbo. They are Diego López, David López and Óscar Melendo. Figures that met certain criteria in the 2021-22 season and for which they have earned the right to analyze whether or not they continue.

With whom most attempts have been made to negotiate is with the only one of the 6 who comes from the quarry, Óscar Melendo. The right winger is on vacation in the Canary Islands together with former Espanyol player Carles Soria. Information from the Perico club intuits that the player is in constant conversations with Almería, who have been contacting him since the beginning of the year.

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