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RCD Espanyol puts the first signing of the winter market on track

Domingo Catoira wants to close the negotiation before the World Cup

Diego Martinez He has already communicated to his sports director the need he has in his squad, and the Spanish is preparing for his first winter signing. The coach prioritized the defense as the area where they most need attention, and for this he wants his first contract to be for the center of the defense.

In that sense, Sunday Catoira got down to work and contacted the Monterey of Mexico to negotiate for Cesar Montes. The lanky defender will go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and precisely the sporting director parakeet he wants to leave the player with his word, before his price increases excessively.

winter signing Espanyol
César Montes will go to Qatar with his national team and for this reason Espanyol wants to close his signing before the global event.

The Mexican defender welcomes being the first winter signing for Espanyol

César Montes, 25, wants to make the big leap to the old continent, because he believes that it is time with what has been shown in the striped club. His performance and his calls to the Tri team show this, and what better way to end up in one of the 5 best leagues in the world. In addition, his profile adapts very well to the idea of ​​Diego Martínez.

The directors of Monterrey have already given the yes to start negotiating before the World Cup in Qatar, something that is quite positive for both parties. In principle, the small club wants to get a good financial return for its player, but the Espanyolista team wants to request a loan first. Of course, they must include a mandatory purchase option.

With Espanyol’s limited defensive squad, it is vitally important to finalize that signing in winter

It is Diego Martínez’s turn to play the magician to line up a powerful defense that is resistant to enemy attacks in each game. The problem is that with the passing of days he is getting injuries, tiredness and physical fatigue. At the moment Espanyol only have three central defenders, which means they only have one replacement.

Sometimes, the Galician coach is playing with a line of 5 in the back, so the coaching staff has been left without alternate players who are not from the quarry. It is necessary to sign César Montes now, since he is an outstanding defender and very strong in the air. Everything is in the hands of Domingo Catoira and Martínez expects good news in the coming days.

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