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RCD Espanyol prepares the goodbye of De Tomás with a new signing

It will be this week the possible departure of the Madrid scorer in the Catalan entity

The departure of the Madrid striker Thomas Raul is gaining strength as the summer market progresses, and the RCD Espanyol Prepare yourself for all that that entails. For several months the sports management has planned this moment, and has taken all the pertinent measures not to break the Perica front.

In the first place, the goleador’s departure could be seen coming since Diego Martinez took over as coach at catalan painting. And it is that the relationship between the coach and the player did not start in the best way. Second, the output of RDT It is synonymous with money since we are talking about the best footballer in the squad. Most likely, his fate lies in the PremierLeague.

Spanish De Tomas
Simone Zaza already knows what it’s like to play in LaLiga Santander thanks to her time at Valencia in the 2017-18 season.

While Espanyol finalizes the departure of Raúl de Tomás, they are simultaneously working on his replacement

Thinking about the departure of the ex-Benfica striker is hardly normal in a market where several teams are tracking the crack from Madrid. But the most timely and pertinent thing is that the Espanyolista sports management also think about replacing him, and in that sense it seems that they have already found him in Serie A.

He is an attacker with a past at Valencia CF back in the 2017-18 season. We are talking about the Italian Simone Zaza, who is on the discard agenda at Torino FC. The striker has only one year left on his contract and a renewal is not planned for the player who has already stated that he wants to leave the Toro entity.

For Zaza it will be an honor to arrive at Espanyol and take the place of Raúl de Tomás

At 31 years old, the transalpine striker still has a market and that is in LaLiga Santander, exactly in the blue and white box. After so much analysis, the general management of Espanyol has given the order to Domingo Catoira to start negotiations with the Italian team and thus shape Zaza’s departure.

According to the environment of the former Valencia player, he would have taken the interest of the Perico club with pleasure and would already be packing his bags to return to football in our country. The operation could be closed for a million euros or less, since the interest of Torino is that the player also leaves the Turin Olympic.

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