Parakeets seek to elevate their competitive spirit in the upper zone of attack with a fantastic level winger

Paulino De la Fuente He is probably the highest ranked footballer in the entire SmartBank League in this 2021, reason enough for some clubs to have set their sights on him, as is the case in particular of the RCD Espanyol. The parakeets are extremely interested in this extreme, which has solved Malaga’s problems of overflow, speed and danger entering the area.

His moment is not only exceptional, rather, it goes hand in hand with the thought that the top bosses have crossed in the Catalan entity. Also because they know of the economic deficiencies of the Malaga club, which would force them to have to negotiate their departure for a fair value in order to avoid entering into precarious conditions from here at the end of the season.

Paulino De la Fuente
Paulino De la Fuente, interests several clubs in LaLiga

Espanyol’s proposal is positive, but it is Paulino who makes the decision taking into account how little he has been in Malaga

It should be remembered that the bond between Paulino and Málaga is very fresh, the player has only been around 4 months since his signing last summer. Which completely complicates the operation, although it could be solved by making consistent offers. That is the card of salvation that they want to adjust in Espanyol, much more at this moment that they know they depend on these positive news to continue generating roots in the category they play.

Vicente Moreno has been pleased with this fact and has launched the options without hesitation. Now, more than ever, he needs this kind of footballer who identifies his style and can contribute to making the leap in quality. Especially in complex contexts, when it is necessary to pull the players, who throw a wall, who dribble and who propose 1 against 1 to win the fund.

In Malaga they already feel it and fear the worst

Given the conditions, a better outlook for the sale cannot be foreseen at this moment. The former Logroñés player knows that he has a lot to give and the competition seems to fall short. So he leaves that chance of departure open, even with the challenges that lie ahead. That has attracted the attention of others who, like Betis, are launching the network to locate potential reinforcements under their guidelines.

Nobody rules out that in January the maneuvers will arrive and the player can decide his future. Even certain figures are already touched, and it is known that in one way or another they will end up succumbing to the disproportionate gap that exists between the largest categories and the one that follows.


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