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RCD Espanyol and Valencia CF rush to convince Kluivert


The pull and loosen of the Perico and Che box after the signing of the Dutch attacker

A great signing opportunity for the offensive plot has been discovered by the Valencia and the Spanish call Justin Kuivert. The son of the mythical patrick kluivert He works in the discipline of AS Roma, although he has been transferred from loan to loan since he left the Roman team in the 2020 summer market.

His last team was Nice from France where he played 31 games in which he scored 6 goals and 6 assists. Something went wrong in the purchase execution operation and the leftmost returned to the Italian box. Jose Mourinho He has already stated that he will not have the player and he has been put in the showcase to find out if a transfer takes him out of the Rome Olympics again.

Valencia Kluivert
The last team where the Dutch striker played was Nice from France, on loan.

Valencia leads the signing intentions with Justin Kluivert

After the failure in the signing of Brian Gil, who will finally stay at Tottenham despite the fact that Conte said he did not have him, the Valencianista sports management has seen Justin Kluivert as the clear plan B of Che’s team in his attack. The 23-year-old has somewhat different characteristics from the Barbatian, but both are forward players and very fast with the ball at their feet.

Gattuso has already analyzed the qualities of the Dutchman, and has determined that his profile meets the requirements he needs to adapt his attack on the left. The sports management is already working to reach a transfer agreement, which possibly includes a purchase option, although not mandatory.

Espanyol is not far behind and faces Valencia in hiring Kluivert

RDT’s departure is key to adapting the squad and being able to hire Justin Kluivert. Right now the wage bill of the Perico club is somewhat reached, and the release of those chips that will not be useful like that of the Madrid striker is of vital importance. Which, he still does not know the fate that awaits him.

Although the offensive left flank is already covered by Javi Puado, Nico Melamed, and José Carlos Lazo, the Dutchman can take care of the right flank or play as a midfielder. For Diego Martínez, the important thing is to have him in his squad, and he will see how he aligns him later. His versatility makes things easier for the Galician coach.

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