Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) fell out of the tournament after losing in the IPL 2022 Eliminator match. On May 25, in this match, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) defeated Lucknow Super Giants by 14 runs. After the Lucknow defeat, captain KL Rahul seemed disappointed. He said after the match that it is very clear why we couldn’t win this match. The reason for this comment coming from KL Rahul was the team’s poor fielding.

Actually, the Lucknow team played very poorly in this match. Dropping some big catches became the main reason for the team’s loss. During RCB batting, KL Rahul dropped Dinesh Karthik’s catch in the 15th over. So Dinesh Karthik was playing scoring only 2 runs. Following this, Deepak Hooda dropped Rajat Patidar’s catch in the 16th, when Patidar had 72 runs.

Later this pair of Karthik and Rajat added 84 runs in the last 5 overs. Rajat remained undefeated with 112 runs. At the same time, Karthik played a 37-run unbeaten inning. With the help of fast tackles from these batsmen, RCB scored a huge 207 runs. If these sacks had been taken from these two batsmen, then RCB would not have made such a big score and Lucknow’s chances of winning would have been more. After the Lucknow loss, KL Rahul blamed the loss on this poor fielding. He said: ‘It’s very clear why we couldn’t win this match. We lost the match for playing poorly.

KL Rahul also described RCB batsman Rajat Patidar’s innings as a difference of wins and losses. He said: ‘The silver tickets were the difference between the performance of both teams. When a higher-order batsman plays a good inning, the team ends the match with a win. We made many mistakes. But you have to learn from these mistakes and come back strong.

KL Rahul says: ‘Mohsin has told everyone how good he is and what skills he has. This was his first season. It is important for them to return home with confidence after this season’s performance and continue to work hard. He will pick up his pace even more and perform even better next year.


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