RC Celta’s secret trick to win bid for Rafinha

The Brazilian midfielder continues to sound in the Celtic environment

Every day that passes Celtic RC is more convinced of the return of the midfielder Rafinha Alcantara. Right now the player is in the Real society where they also want to retain the talented midfielder. It should be remembered that the Brazilian remains the property of the PSGbut from there they have stated that there is no cavity for him.

In fact, the parisian club made the transfer of Vitinha, who plays in the same position as Rafinha. The Brazilian’s contract with the French team ends in 2023, so in this summer market they will seek to sell it. However, it is not ruled out that they can grant a transfer, as long as their purchase option is mandatory.

Celtic Rafinha
Right now the player is on loan at Real Sociedad where they are also fighting for his signing.

The advantage that Celta has in the possible signing of Rafinha

Right now there are two teams that are vying for the signing of the Spanish-Brazilian midfielder. On the one hand, there is the Galician team where the player has already been on 2 occasions (2013-14 and 2019-20). On the other is Real Sociedad where Rafinha is right now and where this season he played 1,003 minutes spread over 18 games.

The asset that the Celtista club has is that its sports director is also an external advisor to PSG, we are talking about Luis Campos. In this way, with the manager it is much easier for the midfielder to join Celta than for him to stay in the San Sebastian team. However, there are other serious impediments for the player to return to BalaĆ­dos.

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Despite the fact that Celta has the advantage of Luis Campos, it is Real Sociedad that can keep Rafinha

Enel PSG consider selling the player and if they don’t succeed, get rid of him with the freedom letter. The reason is because of Rafinha’s high salary, which can be spent for other purposes at PSG. This means that the Celtic team would have to have a reserve in their wage bill to receive the signing of the midfielder.

If not, the player will have to reduce his salary, which is somewhat difficult to happen. In the Basque club they are paying him some emoluments with which Rafinha is happy, and he is not going to change clubs to earn less. In this way, everything indicates that it is the Txuri-urdin team that is going to keep the signing of the Brazilian.

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