RC Celta’s impossible dream to accompany Iago Aspas

Talk about RC Celta de Vigo is to talk about Iago Aspas of that there is no doubt. However, the forward is being left very alone in his work of building and also has to look at the definition route. That is at least the news that circulates today, since the club has defined that it wants to have the services of a gunner to take weight off the idol of Galicia.

It is about Maxi Gómez, a footballer who knows perfectly and who assures at least 10 annotations per campaign. The Uruguayan is on his way out with the Valencia, which asks for around 20 million euros, a figure that is assumed unpayable at least for now for them. Of course, an option has arisen and they will not rest until they fulfill it.

Reviewing the accounts is impossible, but analyzing the options of course there is an alternative. Celta is handling exit options at the moment with some of their players, so if he manages to create a chance with Denis Suárez, the most normal thing is that it ends up being specified. That is, they add enough money to be able to assume at least the entry into negotiations.

This path is certainly much more beneficial than the previous one, allowing you to have a clear path in the midst of turbulence. In addition, it must be said that Denis is being fiercely sought by clubs outside of Spain that are willing to divest themselves of a good sum of money to incorporate their tact and great display from the center forward.

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There is much that among South Americans they call themselves, it is a law of attraction impossible to explain. Especially in coaches with players, this always ends up being vital. But it is also that Maxi Gómez is a very powerful forward, who drags marks and is a guarantee pledge on the attack front.

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