From the sky blue box they have made an interesting move before the departure of the extreme veteran

The Granada C.F. is very close to closing the signing of Nolitoa low that although it was sung in the Celtic RC, has caused a move from the sports management. And it is that the painting balaídos He would already have a replacement ready for the 35-year-old attacker with a footballer with great projection.

Recall that the left end of Sanlucar de Barrameda accumulates its third season on its return to Vigo. Although he had a pretty outstanding previous season, he hasn’t been the defining player for some time. That is why the sports management was counting on his departure and they already have a substitute interesting.

Cadiz Nolito
The winger is getting closer to Granada

Nolito would go to Granada, so Celta has secured his replacement

In this way, given the possible and almost complete departure of Nolito to Granada, RC Celta has a player in mind to fill in for the veteran’s absence. We are talking about the renewal of Iker Losada, which was finalized in the last few hours. This is part of a series of movements that the club has planned, to secure its stars from the quarry.

This right-handed winger, barely 20 years old, has been able to dazzle in the second team from Vigo, where he has also had minutes in the main team. He has great talent and that is why he has been one of those aimed at expanding his link with Eduardo Coudet’s men. He will continue with the light blue elastic until 2025.

Iker Losada is the one targeted to replace Nolito’s departure

Now, with this Celta move, Nolito’s operation with Granada will not be a problem. With this, they have also secured one of his great talents, who could explode in the following season if he gets minutes from the coach. Everything seems to indicate that this would be the case.

We will have to finally wait for what may happen in the next market. For now, the Catoira youth hopes to continue exhibiting great talent and show Coudet that he is an effective player who can adapt to his style and contribute to the team he always dreamed of playing for.


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