The Peruvian footballer was very close to being transferred last summer

After a great season of Renato Tapia at RC Celta, the sports management decided to close the exit door last summer. All despite very good offers arrived in the economic aspect and very positive for the player in sports, as great European teams were following in his footsteps.

Some of the teams that were related to Renato Tapia they went andl Atlético de Madrid or Bayern Munich, but finally he stayed one more season in Vigo. However, this year he has not been at the same level and your cache has been completely devalued.

celtic wall
Renato Tapia could leave transferred this summer to enter an important sum of money

RC Celta puts Renato Tapia on the market

Knowing that it is possible that they will not have an offer of such caliber on the table again for Renato Tapia, the sky-blue club has put him up for sale to see what they can get for him. And it is that RC Celta has been interested in a high-level footballer that they want for next season.

But to get his signing, in addition to a good sports project, they need a significant financial sum. The one chosen to leave is Renato Tapia, for whom they hope to earn at least 10 million euros. A much lower amount than it cost last summer.

The gamer that RC Celta wants to sign

If they finally manage to sell the Peruvian footballer, RC Celta already has a goal. This target is Marc Roca, who in these years at Bayern Munich has not had the best of luck. In fact, under Nagelsmann, he has only played 455 minutes this season.

At 25 years old, Marc Roca wants to feel important on the pitch again and his main objective is to return to the Santander League. Except for surprise, he will do it as a transfer, since the German team still trusts the footballer. And in Spain he continues to enjoy a great poster, which is why he has several interested teams.


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