RC Celta fears reprisals from FC Barcelona for ignoring Mingueza

Although the Catalan defender signed with the Galician team as property, he only did so with 50% of the sports rights, and the culé team can force his departure in the winter market due to his ostracism in Vigo

Despite having 50% of the sports rights, FC Barcelona can force the RC Celtic to sell to Oscar Mingueza. That was stipulated in the contract that both entities signed in the summer market this year. The Galician club did not pay a single euro and in exchange obtained half of the pass.

The idea of ​​the Blaugrana team to have given the player free in the last transfer window, was with the promise that he would add minutes to raise his level. Immediately afterwards, that the Celtic squad could take a great offer to sell the defender, and thus give half of the money from said operation to Barca.

Since Carlos Carvalhal has been Celta’s coach, Óscar Mingueza has accumulated many more playing minutes.

Barcelona asks Celta to sell Mingueza in the winter market

By means of a formal letter, the Catalan team asks Celta to sell the defender in the transfer window that is coming up. In the Barça team they need the money from that urgent 50%, since the Celtic team is not fulfilling its part of the deal. Mingueza is not a regular starter in Carlos Carvalhal’s scheme, although since he arrived he has added more minutes than when Coudet was there.

In total there have been 542 minutes in 11 games including a Copa del Rey commitment. A fact that reassures the Catalan club is that in the last 3 league games, the perpetual defender has been a starter. However, Barca still expects the player to have a higher level and if he continues that pace, they will be able to wait until the summer market of 2023.

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The other option that Barcelona contemplates for Celta to deposit Mingueza’s money

In the offices of the Barcelona team they are also contemplating another option so that they obtain the money from that 50% even if the player was still at Celta. It is simple, that Carlos Mouriño authorizes the payment for half of Mingueza’s pass so that he is already a footballer wholly owned by the Galician team.

An option that they do not rule out but that they will analyze throughout this season, and in the end they will give an answer. Meanwhile from Barcelona they need to make sure and ask the Celtic team for guarantees that they will keep their word, sell the player or pay 50% of Barca. For now Carvalhal keeps him in his starting eleven.

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