RC Celta explodes with an alternative from Girona to Luca Zidane

The Catalan club has the French goalkeeper on its agenda but also contemplates the signing of a former Celtic

After the departure of Adrián Ortolá, the Girona F.C. He has been left alone with Juan Carlos in goal and the Frenchman is on his agenda Luca Zidane. The son of the legendary Zinedine He is in free agency after ending his contract with the Vallecano Rayand it is an option that coach Michel Sánchez likes a lot.

Although the Frenchman is on the agenda of the Girona team, is not the only option contemplated by Quique Cárcel, sports director. Even in these days an option appeared that has displaced Zidane to be the plan B. She cut across the porch Celtic RC last season but Carlos Mourino he did not want to exercise his purchase option.

Luca Zidane Gerona
Celta did not want to execute the purchase option for Matías Dituro, but Girona is close to bringing him back to LaLiga Santander.

Matías Dituro could return to LaLiga Santander with Girona and above Luca Zidane

At the moment, Argentine goalkeeper Matías Dituro is concentrated with Universidad Católica in the Chilean league, but his days there could be numbered. And it is that the possibility of the gaucho goalkeeper returning to LaLiga Santander is at the expense of Girona FC, who now has him as their first option.

In this way, the French goalkeeper goes into the background and may not end up in the Catalan team since the option for Dituro to return to Spain is very large. As for the Argentine’s environment, they are very happy, since they were happy to be based in Vigo, but this time it will be in Gerona where they will have to live.

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His only option to play in first is about to vanish and Luca Zidane will have to land in second

Apparently the French goalkeeper will have to return to LaLiga Smartbank since his only offer in the first division was from Girona FC, but there they are more convinced of signing Dituro. However, Zidane goes to his agent to continue looking for first-class offers and not return to the silver category at 24 years old.

If the days go by and there is nothing on the table, the goalkeeper will have to go to the second-hand market and wait for a team that has a promising project. Teams like Granada, Alavés, Levante, Zaragoza, Las Palmas and others could be on this list. For now he will be aware of what happens with Girona.

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