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Razgatlioglu leaves Redding without a triplet

Who plays has to know how to lose, And that’s the lesson Redding draws from this weekend. It was hot again in Los Arcos, but the 40ºC that was on the asphalt lowered the temperatures of the previous day, convincing the Briton of a bet to which he did not want to accede in the Superpole despite the inferiority of laps. Then Scott’s Ducati put on the stiffer tires again to sign his second victory of the weekend and afterwards, went on the attack with the rear soft compound to deprive himself of a triplet in which he got in the way Razgatlioglu to fuel the fight for the title. Because in just one weekend, the World Cup gets complicated little by little for Rea, in front of two rivals that endanger an unattainable hegemony in the last six seasons.

The nerves were still steel after the delay of a start that caused the mechanical problems on Nozane’s bike. And when the traffic light went out the story was the same as ever. Redding was showing off in the snatch, Rhea was delayed more than usual, and his departure involved him in a fight with Razgatlioglu that caused a touch between them that they would soon recover from. The first to regain ground was the Turk, that he only needed one lap to lead a race that he commanded from then on until seeing the checkered flag. Immediately the northern Irishman imitated the steps of the leader and it also surpassed a Redding who had in his plans the scene that was then represented on the asphalt.

The Ducati showed off with the worn rubber and while Rea launched herself for Razgatlioglu to contain her escape, Redding took it easy, waiting for her ideal moment. The podium was written except for the favorites’ error, the fight for the first three places was marked from the first bars with a chasing group unable to shoot in the times of the three hopefuls to the title. From the second half it was when some letters were shown that allowed the Turk to end the dominance of a Scott who ended up drowning on the shore. Even the gear that the Briton climbed with five laps from the end was not enough to catch up with the Yamaha and although with the fall of the tires he was again the fastest on the asphalt, the time he lost trying to overtake the Kawasaki was decisive in the end result.

A couple of tries it took Redding to get past a Rea, which ended up asking for the time when the British left. Despite the fact that the Ducati rider sought to the end those tenths that brought him closer to victory, Razgatlioglu wanted to return to the top and shake the leadership of the Northern Irishman, now tied at 311 points with Yamaha’s in the general. The British also continued to cut differences, 38 points behind the leadership after his two victories and a second at Los Arcos, and with the three musketeers taking the podium, the best Spaniard was Bautista again, ninth.

The protagonists repeated

Few differences were found between the results of the Superpole and those of race 2 in Navarra, beyond the order in the podium positions. In the morning, the victory was up to Redding, followed by Rea and Razgatlioglu. Then the Northern Irishman took a risk with the tires, who was able to defend second place against the Yamaha after an error by the Turk in the last bars that made him go too long, after Ducati outperforms both by keeping the stiffer option rear tire.

The rest of the rivals once again ran out of options. The three places on the podium were determined and from behind, Bautista made up for his fall the previous day with a tenth place that continues to know little. The one from Talavera, about to confirm what awaits him in the World Championship next season, where everything indicates that he will return to the Ducati box occupying the place left by Redding, still can’t find the point to a mount that does not allow him to fight for those victories that gave him so much hope in his landing at the contest. And while the Ducati continues to win, the Spaniard will have to settle for looking to a future where he can be among the favorites.

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