Razer Kitsune: Razer’s new controller is perfect for Street Fighter 6

Razer recently introduced its new Razer Kitsune. It is an arcade-style controller, here without the classic joystick, which turns out to be what differentiates this type of peripheral. It has Chroma lighting and all the buttons you could want for a fighting game.

Especially with Street Fighter 6 soon hitting shelves and the next era of fighting games already on the horizon, Razer gives us a glimpse of the gear that’s about to change the game: the Razer Kitsune.

Razer Kitsune: arcade controller with optical buttons for fighting games

Razer Kitsune Arcade Controller

It is an arcade controller equipped with optical buttons developed for PS5 and PC with the aim of redefining the way fighting games are viewed. It combines classic elements with optimizations and improvements developed by the brand for this type of gaming products.

The Razer Kitsune isn’t your traditional fighting game controller. It is an evolved and ultra-precise arcade controller equipped with a four-way button layout. According to the brand, it is ideal for avoiding registration errors and ensuring the perfect execution of commands.

The objective? Say goodbye to joystick hassles and hello to flawless, well-defined gameplay. To that end, this four-way button layout gives professional fighting game players a competitive edge.

Arcade Command uses state-of-the-art linear optical Razer switches

Razer Kitsune Arcade Controller

We don’t yet know all the details of the new arcade controller, however, the brand has already revealed that the Kitsune uses the latest generation of our low-profile linear optical Razer switches.

Plus, with a shorter actuation distance and extremely fast response, you’ll get the speed and precision you need to maximize combos and control the neutral position.

On the other hand, the brand wanted to do away with the traditional buttons of the Fighting Sticks, giving us this configuration instead.

Razer Kitsune developed in close collaboration with Capcom,

The Razer Kitsune was meticulously developed in close collaboration with Capcom. Thus, the brand tells us, ensuring that it not only meets, but exceeds the needs of professional gaming.

By the way, in order to meet all the requirements of Capcom Pro Tour, Kitsune’s design carefully follows the regulation, including compliance with the latest rules of simultaneous clicking in opposite directions.

Finally, this detail attests to Kitsune’s solid presence in a tournament setting, positioning it as the preferred choice for competition at the highest level. The manufacturer promises to reveal more information about this new product soon.

A new fighting meta is coming. Learn the way of the Razer Kitsune, a push-button optical arcade controller that outperforms traditional fight sticks. Be one of the first to unlock flawless technique for competitive play. Sign up now to be notified: pic.twitter.com/LjzhRYD6wh

— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) June 1, 2023

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