the asian giant gaming presented a new special and limited edition of its remote control for xbox inspired by the most popular intergalactic saga in history. We have here, in effect, the command xbox great for all fans of Star Wars!

We already have a new controller for Xbox Imperial Stormtrooper, a commemorative theme of the Star Wars saga, announced on May 4, the May 4 that each year unites the community of fans of this pop culture icon.

Razer Releases New Special Edition Imperial Stormtrooper Xbox Controller

Razer Imperial Stormtrooper

The new Imperial Stormtrooper Xbox controller is based on the classic Imperial Stormtrooper helmet shape, with a color scheme to match the theme. We also observe that both the joystick how the ABXY buttons are placed on the “eyes” of the Imperial Stormtrooper, while the hilt mimics vents for ventilation and breathing.

In addition, on the charging base of the remote we can see the complete design of the helmet, as well as the nomenclature “Imperial Stormtrooper”. Please note that the new Razer controller comes with its own dock Dedicated fast charging

Razer’s Xbox controller has its fast charging dock

imperial stormtrooper

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t know when the new Razer Imperial Stormtrooper controller will hit the market. However, the price has already been announced and should be at $199.99, with a possible direct equivalent to euros.

imperial stormtrooper

In short, this device aims to be a perfectly functional collector’s item. It will be one of the new items for collectors in the Star Wars universe to pick up as soon as it hits the market, with the Razer controller packed with detail.

Although Razer has not clarified it at the moment, it is likely that the new Imperial Stormtrooper Xbox controller will also be available through the video game giant’s online store. gaming.


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