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Rayo Vallecano offers Atlético to relaunch Saúl’s career

From the rayista box there is a very interesting proposal for the future of the player

The Vallecano Ray has had a great start to the season being sixth in the standings and although the sensations are the best, they are looking signings of quality for the next market, being Saúl, a very interesting piece. Let us remember that the footballer does not have minutes in the Chelsea and his departure would be more than sung.

And is that for Thomas tuchel, the Elche midfielder does not have what it takes to start and his adaptation is being complex. Therefore, their presence does not count for the coach who prefers a new incorporation in that demarcation. The minutes in Stamford Bridge they would be counted for the southpaw.

Athletic Saúl
The panorama of Saúl is complicated in Chelsea

Saúl could land at Rayo Vallecano

In addition to this, Atlético de Madrid do not want to have Saúl on their squad, so one of the great options is that of Rayo Vallecano. The Rayista club has made a very interesting proposal to the sports management of the mattress box, which would be a loan.

Andoni Iraola’s men want to relaunch the midfielder’s career and for this reason they want to give him alternatives so that he can add the minutes he needs. Of course, it will not be a simple movement at all, since from Chelsea they have a good number of clubs where they intend to place the left-hander in the Premier League.

Atlético prefers that its player return to LaLiga Santander

In favor of Rayo Vallecano, there is the fact that the decisions can also be made by Atlético and in this case they could prefer that he continue his career in Spain. In addition, reaching a team like Rayista would be a good opportunity to accumulate the best feelings and resume the football for which he was known a few seasons ago.

It would not also be an unknown scenario for the midfielder, since he had a step there in the 2013-2014 season, where he was undisputed. There he accumulated 34 games, starting 34 times, with a total of 2 goals scored. His good performance led him back to Atlético where he became a top player.

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